Sorin Abraham

Born in Romania, Sorin Abraham traveled to Greece, Italy, France, England & Israel as
a child and this early exposure to many different cultures helped shape his view of the
world. In 2003 he fell in love with photography as a medium and has worked for numerous
modeling agencies (Elite, Click, Q Models) as well as several magazines (Archetype,
Driven). Five years ago Sorin switched his focus to fine art photography. From the
beginning his work has been influenced by classic European master painters and their
use of subtle symbolism & lighting as elements in telling a story visually. A recent study of
the works of Ancient Chinese painters from the Yuan dynasty (1206–1368) and Ni Zan’s
work in particular has led to a fascination with painted symbols as a key element in visual
storytelling. This has led to his current collaboration with Michael Ricardo Andreev, a
painter who has long used symbols as key ingredients in his work.