Survival 9-12


An exhibition about the future of humanity and its creations. ”Survival” features 4 artists working in a variety of different media. Harris Diamant creates complex and exquisite post-modernist sculptures that are formed of the artifacts of human cultural creativity and technological ingenuity. Using ubiquitous logos and well-known brands, David Erwin’s paintings depict a possible future for our cultural constructs and questions the value of our preoccupation with the concepts and concerns of survival through competitive advantage. Mia Tyler’s installations and photographs envision a future in which the struggle to survive dominates all aspects of life in a toxic environment of our own making. Joseph Grazi’s intricate and graphical drawings illustrate both the decay and the beauty of man-made machines – inanimate creations that will survive their creators.”Survival” asks us to reconsider the present by exploring the future of humankind and its creations, and what may potentially survive both.