Harris Diamant

Harris Diamant was born in New York City in 1937.  He received a BA in Comparative Literature from City College of New York and was awarded a Graduate Fellowship from the New York State Board of Regents in 1960.  After a year of post-graduate work in communications at Yeshiva University, he taught junior High School in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn for six years.

During this time he began collecting and trading antiques and in 1966 he opened his own gallery on East 53rd Street in Manhattan.  By 1970, he was known as an authority on live steam models, American toys and scientific instruments.  He also dealt extensively in American folk art.  Knowledge and respect for the materials used in the construction of a wide array of objects – particularly metals and various finishes – inspired him to begin metalworking and sculpting.  By 1980, when his gallery was half studio, he decided to close the gallery and devote himself fully to carving and the construction of metal-based sculptures.

In 1987 he mounted his first one-man show at the Allan Stone Gallery in New York City.  This was followed by another one-man show at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery, also in New York City.  In 1992 he was awarded first prize in the Art of the Dealer Show at Alexander Gallery in New York City.  In 1994 and again in 1995 he showed in group shows at the Luise Ross Gallery in New York City.  Another one-man show mounted in September 1998 at the Giampietro Gallery in New York City, featured a new series of heads called Janus Heads.  The heads incorporated many materials; brass, gold, steel, enamel, wood glass, Bakelite, leather… and many techniques which he taught himself; wood carving, silver soldering, brazing, welding, lathe-turning, gold-leafing

A show of Diamant’s work followed at New York University’s “Windows on Washington Square” in 2000.  These works comprised Diamant’s later series of sculptures, examples of which were published in the June 1999 and January 2002 issues of Harpers magazine.  The heads wee also shown in a series of eight ABC-TV nightline specials hosted by Robert Krulwich, entitled “Brave New World”, which aired in August and September 1999.  A studio show, under the auspices of Ricco/Maresca Gallery occurred in 2002.  He is currently focused on a new series of sculptures.

Dave Erwin

Primarily a painter, David Erwin takes great effort to destroy his works in the hope of rebuilding them. Using images from existing art, icons, Internet images and logos from our popular culture, he questions their inevitable directions. It’s Mad Max piecing together what he finds interesting and valuable, creating a language derived from the use of violence, both the salvageable and the disposable.

David Erwin graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1988, and has since spent the last 16 years contributing to pop-culture’s clutter as Executive Creative Director of DC Comics, working in films, animation, and publishing such as, “The Dark Knight” and “Superman Returns”.   Erwin currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. His first exhibition with Lambert Fine Arts marks Dave’s gallery debut in NYC and begins a new phase for him as an independent artist.

Joseph Grazi

Working across a wide variety of different media, Brooklyn-based artist Joseph Grazi uses space and non-traditional materials to communicate to the viewer. The recurring theme of repetition in his installations, sculptures and drawings makes for a product of calm, conceptual beauty. From needles arranged in perfect army-like formations in his furniture, to the cross-hatchings in his meticulously rendered drawings, his repetitive nature of line bridges the many bodies of work. Grazi presents a distinguished level of shock value across all themes, where art becomes a spectacle, thus creating both feelings of comfort and uneasiness.    (written by Natalie Trainor, curator)

Joseph Grazi was born in 1983 and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2006. He has exhibited widely throughout New York museums, such as the Chelsea Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and art galleries including Melody Weir Gallery, Dash Gallery, and Art Amalgamated in a solo show called “The Fountain of Youth” in March 2012. Joseph is a featured artist of Lambert Fine Arts since it’s inception in October 2012.

Mia Tyler

Mia Tyler is an American artist, photographer, writer and model. She is the daughter of Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler and model Cyrinda Foxe.  She recalls being intrigued as a child by the constant strangers who photographed her and her family, curious as to how they were viewed through the eyes and lenses of the public.

After acting, modeling, and writing in Hollywood, Mia decided to get back in touch with her roots and rekindled her love affair with the arts. After receiving a camera as a birthday gift from her father, she assumed a new role behind the lens. Consciously deciding NOT to draw influence from other photographers, Mia was able to develop a style that was truly her own and pushed her exploration further by experimenting with mixed media.

Her debut show at Andy Hilfiger’s rock clothing and art boutique, RIFF, opened on February 23, 2012 and was titled “Through the Looking Glass” It featured an array of works close to her heart, including portraits of family, friends and lovers. As part of LFA’s “Survival” exhibition of Sept. 15, 2012, Mia steps further into her career as a conceptual artist and photographer of note through her innovative approach to presenting challenging subject matter combined with assured hand etching and use of evocative text from Facebook fans’ end-of-the-world confessions.